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Love Collection Locket Charms

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Love.....who couldn't use a little bit of extra love in their day...and their jewellery?

This collection hits us all in the feels with rings, wings, keys to your heart and straight up love this collection will have you feeling all warm and fuzzy every time you look at it.


Locket pendants are the perfect way to keep your memories close to your heart.

Our pendants are the perfect accessory to match every outfit, occasion and mood and the combination of charms are easily interchangeable or simply set your favorite combination and enjoy everyday with a strong magnetic closure for your convenience.

Made from Stainless Steel to ensure superior scratch resistance,  not able to be achieved with Sterling silver, you can choose from Stainless Steel (which gives a Sterling silver look), IP Rose Gold and IP Gold.

The IP (Ion Plating) technique of adding gold with stainless steel is the same process used on the most expensive of 24ct gold watches. It gives you the quality and wearability you demand from your jewellery at a price that won't break the bank while ensuring you have the finish you desire and the envy of all your friends. For more information on IP plating please see the information below and in our FAQ page.

Don't forget to look at the charms that fit perfectly inside our stunning pendants. You can choose from birthstones, pearls and so many other cute charm designs and some new locket shapes so be sure to have a look at those.

Be sure to check out the stunning locket pendants to house these gorgeous charms along side your choice of DNA stones.


 What is Ion Plating?
Ion Plating is also known as IP plating (which would make it Ion Plating Plating!) It is a Physical Vapour Deposition process or PVD.
Ion Plating is a process where the surface required to be plated is bombarded by atomic sized energetic particles.
As well as Jewellery and Watches, Ion Plating is used to deposit hard coatings onto tool blades and the like.
A common one you may have seen is the Black Coating on some Seiko Watches.
Experiments show IP to be 5 to 8 times more durable than conventional techniques.
In the Jewellery Industry IP is usually applied to Stainless Steel commonly in black, brown, rose gold and yellow gold colourings.
As the precious metals become more expensive, we will see more of this durable Jewellery alternative.