Hold Me - Today Tomorrow Always Keepsakes
Hold Me - Today Tomorrow Always Keepsakes
Hold Me - Today Tomorrow Always Keepsakes

Hold Me

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Hold Me, one of our most precious keepsakes for tiny little humans created out of love.
A sleeping baby can be the best gift or the absolute worst.
This keepsake is the perfect representation of a new life being held in your hands. An precious innocent new little person being lovingly embraced.
There are so many moments in life when our little ones just want to be wrapped in the arms of a warm hug while everything becomes ok in their little worlds again.
A crying newborn, Hold me,
During teething,  Hold me,
A scraped knee, Hold me,
A first broken heart, Hold me,
And then as time goes on the tables turn and it's a parent that wants and craves those hugs,
The first day of school, Hold me,
Mothers day, Hold me,
Moving out of home, Hold me,
Wedding day, Hold me,
Who am I kidding? Parents want to hug and hold their children no mater where they are, no matter what age and usually for no reason at all.
Colour Options:
Can be made white, coloured or clear. (Clear pieces can include a coloured heart if desired).
Please include your colour preferences including descriptive style instructions on how you would like each colour to look e.g transparent, tint, solid colour, pale, pastel, bold, heavy, light, swirled with etc.
Can be made with any kind of inclusion. Smaller items can be set in a small heart and placed inside the chest of a clear Hold Me figurine.
Breastmilk (all milk forms), Hair, Fur, Ashes, Umbilical cord/Stump/Blood, Flowers, Fabric, Sand, Dirt.