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Charlie Bear

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Charlie Bear figurine.

Charlie Bear is one of our most precious and special keepsakes.

He is quite often associated with babies, children and fun. Sometimes he celebrates a breastfeeding milestone or child's birth with umbilical stump, other times he's used to commemorate the life of a baby born too soon or a baby born sleeping.

No matter the occasion when it comes to little ones and milestones Charlie Bear is here to contain your most precious of memories.


Colour Options:

Can be made white, coloured or clear. (Clear pieces can include a coloured heart if desired). 

Please include your colour preferences including descriptive style instructions on how you would like each colour to look e.g transparent, tint, solid colour, pale, pastel, bold, heavy, light, swirled with etc.


Can be made with any inclusions or a combination.

Breastmilk (all milk forms), Hair, Fur, Ashes, Umbilical cord/Stump/Blood, Flowers, Fabric, Sand, Dirt.

Smaller items can be set in a small heart and placed inside the chest of a clear Charlie Bear.