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Our beads and charms are the most popular item we make as they're suitable for wear on Pandora style bracelets and bangles as well as on necklaces.

We offer beads and charms in many shapes to suit a wide range of uses and style preferences with a center diameter of 5mm.

Our beads are perfect for adding breastmilk, hair, ashes, flower petals, sand, fabric and more. They give you a full bead area of your chosen inclusion/s, colors and effects making them perfect for any of our inclusions.

Beads are available in Smooth-Honeycomb (faceted) and Heart shapes.

Our charms are made of sterling silver 925 and contain a small stone of each side that make them perfect for a more subtle look. They suit inclusions such as  breastmilk, milk substitutes, ashes and hair. They are available in Round, Heart and Square shapes.

Our smooth bead is our most popular bead.It's size allows for it to be transformed into a mini piece of art. It's suitable for all inclusions and can also be created with combinations such as hair and milk, ashes and flower petals, umbilical stump and milk and many more.

Our heart shaped  bead and charm represents love from the moment you look at it.

The love between mother and baby, the love between husband and wife, wife and wife, husband and husband, the love between friends and so much more.We use our heart shaped bead to create our anxiety beads for children.Children often go through times where being separated from parents causes mild to severe anxiety. Even when it's for everyday things like going to school, their anxiety and stress level can skyrocket having to be separated for any amount of time. As a mother myself with 2 out of my 4 children having suffered with this during the ages of 10-13 I know all too well the pain and helplessness a parent feels when walking away from your child as they're screaming your name. I knew they had to attend school (which was our biggest issue) but I also knew it wasn't a passing phase and that I needed to do something to help them and fast. That's how the children's anxiety bead was born.I chose our heart shaped  bead to represent the love we share and explained the special story behind them. By having a bead with them at all times that they could touch when they needed reassurance, that contained my hair it instantly relaxed them and helped reassure them that they were ok and were safe. During times of anxiety and stress flare ups these beads can really make a massive difference to children's ability to cope while away from the people in their lives that they attach feeling safe with.

Children with military parents are often separated for weeks and sometimes months at a time. I know as a military wife myself for over 10 years that my kids missed their dad and his presence for many a birthday, Christmas, father's day breakfast at school and many other occasions. No matter if it was because of a 4 month promotion based courses or 9 month deployments overseas, this separation can really be hard for children to cope with. But also for the parent that's away too, we can make matching sets to suit your situation and help everyone involved cope a little better

We've had teachers and parents of children who've used our anxiety beads comment on the difference it has made to a child, a child as young as 5 has used our beads and thrived after she was told the magic story behind her bead and 'magic' it contained. Each of the anxiety beads come with a certificate and explanation of the magic the bead contains in a way that children can understand.

Sterling silver core. Fits most style bracelets including Pandora.

Colour Options: Can be made white, coloured or clear. Please include your colour preferences including descriptive style instructions on how you would like each colour to look e.g transparent, tint, solid colour, pale, pastel, bold, heavy, light, swirled with etc.

Inclusions:Can be made with any inclusions or a combination.Breastmilk (all milk forms), Hair, Fur, Ashes, Umbilical cord/Stump/Blood, Flowers, Fabric, Sand, Dirt.

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