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Handmade Precious

Our clay babies

Each and every one of our unique and special clay babies are hand made.

Each is lovingly and carefully made with love and care to scale of each week of pregnancy from 5 weeks onwards to represent the little life growing inside you at each week of growth inside the womb.

Some of the Mums that come to us have pregnancy keepsakes made with our clay babies to represent the size their babies were when pregnancy symptoms really hit. A mind blowing ,long life reminder of just how tiny your little human was when he or she started making you sick, unable to keep food down simply y the smell from 4 streets away. A nice keepsake to pull out on milestone birthdays and tell them the story of their pregnancy.

For the most part though, our babies are used to represent the size a baby was at the time their tiny hearts stopped beating or were born sleeping, too tiny for earth.

A Way To Bring Your Embryos Home

Embryo Ash

The road of IVF is not an easy one. It takes a strain on every aspect of a couples life right from the start and doesn't stop until you've kit your limit and then pulls you in again. It's a road filled with the highest highs and the lowest lows and everything in between.

After all of the months and sometimes years, these brave and hopeful IVF parents get their perfect number of embryos to begin implantation and try to hold on to the notion that it'll all be worth it in the end.

Let's just imagine a couple end up with dream family and are content. Not 1, or 2, but 3 blessings made with love and a little bit of science and their dream family is complete and they still 3 embryos left.

What do they do? What can they do?

We can offer IVF parents a choice their clinics very rarely tell them is available. We give them another incredible possible outcome, and that's to have all of their babies home with them.